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North, South, East or West

How will you explore Europe with Suite views of its sweetest rivers? Wind through whimsical windmills on the waterways of Holland? Mosey along the Moselle through Germany's most picturesque pastoral landscapes? Find La vie en rose and historic heroes on the Seine from the City of Light to the beaches of Normandy? Taste the flavors and feast your eyes in France from Lyon to Burgundy on the Rhone and Saone? Capture the castles and lose yourself in the vineyards of Germany on the Rhine and Main Rivers? Discover the splendour of the legendary Danube through Austria, Hungary, and the bewitching Balkans? Whichever river you choose to cruise aboard an Avalon Suite Ship, you’ll never want to explore Europe any other way!  Start dreaming with a spin on our European river map and chart your course on maps of the Rhine, Danube, Seine, or anywhere Avalon flows!

Europe River Profiles