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Dream, Dream, Dream

The oldest demarcated wine region in the world, the Douro Valley creates a kaleidoscope of reds, whites, and rosés in its tiered vineyards sharing the slopes with almond, chestnut, and olive groves. Here, local farmers nurture their crops amid whitewashed quintas dotting the valley’s fruitful, rustic villages. The Douro Valley’s granite bluffs, signature tiled streets, and ancient thermal spas are just a few good reasons to toast our latest, grapest Avalon river cruise.

Happiness Flows on the Alegria

The Avalon AlegriaSM was built exclusively to sail the Douro with our signature, award-winning Panorama SuitesSM,  featuring Avalon's signature Open–Air BalconiesSM, Comfort CollectionSM beds that face the view, and inviting Sky Deck pool to soak it all in. Be dazzled on the Douro River from Porto to Porto with dreamy selections of Avalon Classic, Discovery, and Active excursions to that speak to you.

Blue, Green & Reds 

While sailing along the steep vineyard-clad slopes of the Douro River, it’s easy to envision ancient Romans who relished in good wine with traditions that grew into the Douro Valley's 2,000-year-old heritage of ruby-red wines of gracefully green river shores to the deep blue sea.


    Historic architecture is yours for the gazing in Porto—a UNESCO World Heritage Site where the 16th-century Baroque embellishments of the Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto) and the iconic tower soaring atop 18th-century Clérigos Church enthralls architecture lovers every time.


    Ancient civilizations traded and settled in the Douro River area centuries before the Romans. These early winemakers passed on their knowledge in viticulture throughout the region, influencing the winemaking practices of the Greeks and Romans, who would go on to spread the cultivation and distribution of wine throughout the Western world.


    The most famous variety of the Douro Valley and all of Portugal is its legendary Port—a fortified wine whose popularity spread worldwide the 18th century, followed by Vinhos Verdes, Douro, Moscatel, and Madeira, to name a few.


    The celebrated city of Vila Nova de Gaia is home to many cellars (‘caves’ to the locals) where the beloved Port wine is aged. A barrel of fun just south of Porto!

Who loves the Douro?

What's not to love on the Douro River? A blue ribbon that threads its way through the green valley slopes that overflow with the ancient secrets of winemaking and wonder in Portugal. From eager first-timers to experienced fans of river cruising, the dreamy Douro River delights travellers through the exquisite Douro Valley.   

International Newbies

We'll never forget our first European river cruise, and those new to cruising—or Europe for that matter—will forever remember the gracious flow of the Douro River and its bountiful valley of views, vineyards, and veritable treasures of Portugal. Both mellow and dramatic at the same time, the Douro Valley is definitely for dreamers who make a first foray into the not-to-be-missed magic of river cruising.

Falling in Love Again

Lovers of Bordeaux, Tuscany, and Napa have a whole new destination to toast in the deliciously dramatic Douro Valley. Winding through the terraced vineyards and charming villages, Portugal’s Douro River serves up some of Europe’s most delectable views, vistas, and vino. Wine connoisseurs can drink in Portugal’s unequaled port wine paired with the equally exquisite scenery at every turn.


The Douro River weaves a tale of timeless history alive and well in its heart and soul. From the passionate performances of Fado music to the peaceful panoramas of its pastoral treasures, Portugal speaks to the joy of life and legendary art and architecture of ages past.       

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Let us count the ways we love how the Douro Valley colours our world with medieval castles, cinematic scenery, and all the wine, bread, olives, and cheeses your heart desires.

Something to Wine About

Wine tastings? Your cruise through the Douro River Valley has them in spades! Tip a glass or two with tapas, pastries, or local olive oil straight from the farm!

The Writing’s on the Wall

Stroll through the riverside lanes of Matosinhos and up Avenida da Boavista to admire some of the modern charms of Porto–from ancient avenues to iconic Azulejo tiles to avant-garde graffiti and marvelous murals.

Pedal. Coast. Pedal.

Hop on a bike tour along Porto’s picture-postcard coastline and the picturesque pathways of Vila Nova de Gaia—with an expert biologist.

Brush Up.

Join a professional painter to learn the art of azulejos (Portuguese tile). Paint your own authentic tiles in the traditional way with blue paint on glazed tilework so intrinsic to Portuguese culture, architecture, and craftsmanship. 

Fado, Re, Mi!

Portuguese Fado music seduces the soul and steals the heart of anyone within range of its striking melodies and passionate performers. Just try not to be moved by this timeless tradition of moving musical emotion.

Simply Gorge-ous!

Glide by kayak through the spectacular canyons of the Gorges de l’Ardèche – called the “European Grand Canyon.” 

Bank On It.

Explore one of Northern Portugal’s most ancient towns with a stroll through Amarante—perfectly poised below the great Serra do Marão mountain and beside the beautiful banks of the Tâmega River where enchantment pours along the banks of the longest tributary of the Douro.

Provençal, Essential!

Spend time in a Provençal farmhouse and fill your senses with the scents of essential oils while learning how they’re created and curated.

Go Baroque.

Steal away to Spain’s Golden City of Salamanca to have your breath taken away by resplendent Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and Renaissance architecture. Dig in to a tempting platter of traditional Castilian Toston Asado—on us!

Prehistoric Proportions.

Marvel at Vila Nova de Foz Côa where prehistoric rock art remains as the most important collection of Paleolithic figurations known today.

Going Medieval.

Visit Freixo de Numão, a charming village nestled between mountains and vineyards where granite houses stand near Roman, Medieval, and modern ruins.

Mind Blown, Naturally.

Explore a new dimension in nature’s beauty in Freixo de Espada à Cinta village in the spectacularly beautiful Douro International Natural Park.