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Revelry on the Rhône 

Flowing from the glacial waters of the Swiss Alps to the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhône River winds its way through the legendary landscapes of sunwashed lush lavender fields and fabled French vineyards that inspired Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Gaugin. Marvel at medieval hilltop villages that are home to centuries-old Provençal kitchens featuring the epicurean delights of your dreams on a cruise along the Rhône River where wanderlust flows around every river bend.

The Rhône Mystique


    Treat yourself to the lands of local patisseries, palate-tempting cuisine, and celebrated wines that flourish beside the wondrous waters of the Rhône. When you choose the Rhône River, sailing through stunning southern France – a place where French wine and food blend seamlessly for the gastronomical journey of a lifetime – you’re in for a charming French feast for your senses and your soul.


    Step into the light and see for yourself why Vincent Van Gogh fell in love with the rich Provençal shades and colors of Arles along the Rhône River. On the banks of the Rhône, the tortured artist produced more than 200 paintings and 100 drawings, creating some of his best-known works while living in Arles, including his iconic sunflowers, still-life masterpieces, and priceless paintings like “The Café Terrace at Night” and “Starry Night Over the Rhône.” 


    Fantastically Alpine in character, the 500-mile Rhône River flows from a mountain glacier in the Swiss Alps to rise, bend, and wind its way through the ridges, valleys, and basins of Switzerland and France before joining the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. A cultural and historical lifeline for Western Civilization, this is a river of Greek philosophers and French masters, Roman royalty and Italian popes.


    The Rhône Basin is home to the five fantastic French regions of Provence, Burgundy (Bourgogne), Auvergne, Rhône-Alps, and Languedoc-Roussillon. Here, Beaujolais and Burgundy flow as they have for centuries, alongside a dizzying number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Arles’ Roman monuments and theatre; Avignon’s Papal Palace and bridge; and Pont du Gard and old Lyon. A main historical trade route from the Mediterranean to the heart of ancient Gaul (present-day France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and parts of Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Germany), the Rhône River’s importance dates back to Greek and Roman times.

Who loves the Rhône?

With a bevy of handsome harbors and lovely medieval villages, a Rhône River cruise touches the heart of every travel romantic. Whether you’re dipping your toe into the pool of river cruising for the first time; impatiently longing to be swept off your feet again by a cruise; or taking the plunge with true love as a return cruiser, you’ll find plenty to swoon over on a date with the Rhône along France’s winding and wonderful landscapes.

International Newbies

Whether it’s your first-time river cruising or even your first time abroad, you’ll discover why the Rhône is one of our favorite river experiences. Revealing picturesque, Provençal France like the pages from your favorite fairytale – the Rhône will make your heart go weak on a getaway with available weeklong itineraries.

Seasoned Sight Seekers

Three rivers. The best of France. The Rhône, Saone, and Seine Rivers not only weave together the most beautiful regions of France, they also create a captivating course connecting Switzerland to the Mediterranean Sea! Seasoned travelers know the joy of la belle view while sailing on these three French beauties.

Returning Revelers

Anchoring in picturesque ports, your Avalon Suite Ship® reveals off-the-beaten path experiences to discover – and rediscover – the Old World in new ways. Returning visitors to the Rhône never repeat the same vacation twice with something new waiting around each bend.


The Rhône River is perfect for any kind of traveler. It offers a gentle introduction to the loveliness of the fairytale French countryside, while satisfying savvy cruisers with the finest French vineyards and ancient touchstones of history. Drink in the views, vintages, and savoir-faire, while feasting your eyes on bountiful beauty beyond compare.

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While the Rhône delivers you to old Roman ruins and medieval hilltop villages, Avalon invites you to enjoy new, memorable experiences with immersive sightseeing and active discoveries in every port. Select from an array of included Classic, Active, and Discovery excursion options to cruise your way!

Urban Legends

Wind your way through buildings, courtyards, and up/down staircases on a hike to discover the secret passageways (the Traboules) of Lyon, which date back to the 4th century.

Yes, I Doux!

Roll through a living postcard of panoramic views of the Doux Valley with a guided rail-bike excursion through the Gorges du Doux.

A Ouí Bit of Beauty

Join a guided hike through the terraced hilltop vineyards that surround the twin cities of Tournon and Tain-l’Hermitage.

BOO-tiful Viviers

Discover the haunting history of Viviers – a tiny village lost to the Middle Ages – under the yellow hues of moonlight. Legends, tales, and ghost stories abound on a walk through this small town and its steep, narrow alleyways.

Spelunk & Sip

Dive deep into adventure with an underground cave excursion and wine tasting. Follow your expert speleologist and oenologist for some sips and spelunking beneath the surface of Southern France.

Simply Gorge-ous!

Glide through the spectacular canyons of the Gorges de l’Ardèche – called the “European Grand Canyon” – by kayak!

Coast Gard

Coast and toast your way through Pont du Gard on a guided e-bike ride to explore the architectural wonders of this 2,000-year-old Roman settlement.

Provençal, Essential!

Spend time in a Provençal farmhouse and fill your senses with the scents of essential oils while learning how they’re created and curated.

Van Gogh to Go!

Mimic the brushstrokes of Van Gogh and try your hand at painting your own Starry Night in the place (Arles) that inspired the impressionist master. Then, take your masterpiece home with you!

The World is Your Oyster

Dig into a taste of local life with a visit to an oyster farm in the Camargue Natural Park. Taste the French delicacy and learn how oysters are farmed.