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Our Leadership Team

The Globus family of brands began in Switzerland in 1928 as a small family company with one man, his rowboat and a dream. More than nine decades later, the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity that created this family-owned institution lives on. With equal measures vision and hard work; team collaboration and commitment; honesty and integrity as well as a genuine love for all-things travel, the Globus family of brands, with help from its U.S.-based leadership team, is dedicated to offering inventive, inspired and perfectly planned vacations to travelers across the globe.

Scott Nisbet

President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Nisbet's experience is as diverse as the tours his company offers. Working in industries that range from corporate finance to packaged goods to transportation, Nisbet acquired a keen business sense and a broad perspective on sales and marketing that have led to his success today. Nisbet joined the Globus family of brands in 1998 as vice president of sales and marketing and later moved up to chief operating officer. And, in 2009, he stepped into the role of president and chief executive officer for the company. Under his leadership, the Globus family of brands has significantly increased sales and expanded its product lines under the Globus, Cosmos, and Avalon Waterways.

Nisbet embarked on his varied career in New York as a financial analyst for Kidder Peabody. He then transferred to London, England, as an associate, where his duties included international mergers and acquisitions.

In 1990, Nisbet earned an MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School and joined General Mills as a business strategist in the strategic planning department. While at General Mills, he was responsible for new business ventures and helped the company's international expansion in the snack and cereal markets. His next career stop found him as the director of marketing at Ryder, the global transportation company.

Prior to receiving his MBA, Nisbet earned his undergraduate degree in political science from Colorado College. He lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife and has three children.

Steve Born

Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Born is the global marketing maestro behind the Globus family of brands – consisting of Globus, Cosmos and Avalon Waterways – a position he has held for nearly a decade.

As the Globus family of brands’ chief marketing officer, Born is at the helm of the company’s call center and global marketing teams. With an unyielding drive to both inspire and simplify travel, making dream vacations accessible and effortless, Born exercises a passion for problem-solving, innovation and efficiency. And over the last two decades, he has created a marketing engine that endeavors to keep the company a step ahead of wayfarer needs and interests with new brands, travel styles and product that go beyond traditional travel offerings.

Before Born joined the Globus family of brands in 2001 – a time that almost pre-dated the internet – he was vice president of account services at Karsh and Hagan Communications, Inc. in Denver, Colorado.

Born is a proud graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder. And despite the Buff’s ebbs and flows (mostly ebbs) on the football field, he maintains his status as a hardcore fan. A recent newlywed, he and his wife also co-pilot the business of life while supporting and loving four amazing kids in Colorado and California.

Pam Hoffee

President of Avalon Waterways

For Pam Hoffee, travel seems to run in the family, at least when it comes to career choice. The daughter of an Air Force father, Hoffee yearned to travel the world just as her father did. Raised in a suburb of Denver, Colo., Hoffee grew up hearing her father tell stories of exotic locales. It was not, however, until she accepted a summer internship aboard a World Explorer Alaskan cruise ship, that she got her first taste of travel. This summer internship led to an eight-year stint as the manager of the cruise line’s shore excursion department, where Hoffee designed and implemented land tours. When it came time to “jump ship,” Hoffee transferred to the company’s corporate offices in San Francisco where she was named director of operations.

As director of operations, Hoffee created several new itineraries for the cruise line including a Panama Canal program. Her favorite part of the job was creating meaningful experiences between the ship’s passengers and locals. During one particular Christmastime cruise, Hoffee organized a holiday party onboard the ship for local children while the ship was docked in Guatemala. The passengers and cruise line donated so many gifts that the small town was overwhelmed with presents.

In 2003, a desire to return to her native Colorado brought Hoffee to the Globus family of brands. Hoffee initially managed the product development department responsible for all aspects of tour planning and brochure production for North America, Central and South America, the South Pacific and Asia. This experience afforded her the opportunity to be part of the planning of many memorable vacations for the company’s passengers around the world.

In 2005, Hoffee was named vice president of product and operations for the Globus family of brands and in 2018, she became chief operating officer (COO) for the company and managing director of Avalon Waterways. In 2022, Hoffee was named as president of Avalon Waterways.

Camille Olivere

Chief Sales Officer

Camille Olivere’s interest in – and passion for – travel began with her father who spent time in Asia regularly while Olivere was growing up. His background not only inspired her to get her BA in Chinese Studies, it landed her a trip to Japan when she was 19 – an experience that solidified her interest in learning about new cultures, their histories and the people you meet along the way.

Transferring her passion for travel to her career, Olivere attended travel school after college and became a travel advisor in Chicago. From there, she worked in technology and transportation before diving into a long lasting professional career with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in 2009. At NCL, Olivere was part of the original “turnaround team” that culminated in the company going public in 2013.

Having stepped away from NCL for a time, before ultimately returning to the company as senior vice president of sales, Olivere held key positions with global companies including Club Med and World Travel Holdings.

Known throughout her varied and diverse career as making creative and bold decisions in both organizational design and market approach, Olivere joined the Globus family of brands as chief sales officer in 2021. At the Globus family of brands, Olivere is responsible for managing all facets of the company’s sales operations, including supporting the travel advisors who inspire their clients to embark on transformative journeys across the world.

When Olivere is not traversing the globe for work or pleasure – including sailing aboard the Suite Ships of Avalon Waterways – she can be found cruising her pontoon boat at Reynolds Lake Oconee or golfing in her Georgia hometown. She also enjoys raising funds for, and awareness of, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and was chosen as Fort Lauderdale’s 2019 Woman of the Year, for her efforts.