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Springtime in Holland and Belgium gives new meaning to the word "color." With seasonal blossoms ready to burst, the fields of Holland and Belgium erupt in a spectacle of epic proportions. The spring season is heralded with the appearance of crocus, daffodils, and hyacinth that in turn trumpet the arrival of the main event–tulip season. Nature lovers and green thumbs will relish this ultimate garden party on an Avalon Garden & Nature cruise. Glide through a kaleidoscope of flowering color on the canals and waterways, stopping to smell the roses — and hundreds of other flower varieties — along the way. From Rotterdam’s 70-acre Keukenhof Gardens to the secret gardens of Amsterdam, see windmills standing watch over a sea of tulips. Visit the world's largest flower auction where horticulturists, botanists, and landscape artists display nature's handiwork on a scale found nowhere else.

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