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Local Favorites

See the World Through the Lens of a Local.

Unique perspectives deserve unique experiences - special inclusions that present themselves at every turn. Like regional wine and beer with dinner. Artisan demonstrations. And onshore cultural excursions. In addition to little luxuries like complimentary Wi-Fi, around-the-clock cappuccinos, and bicycles for touring quaint villages, Avalon immerses you in culture and cuisine with included Local FavoritesSM. On board, you might watch the intricacies of a German wood carving demonstration or savor the bold flavors of a French cheese tasting. On shore, you'll find yourself on historic cobblestone streets, in the middle of enchanting gardens, and behind the scenes at the famous sights for enriching glimpses of local tradition.

Some examples of inspired local inclusions on board and on shore:

  • Attend an onboard performance of Bulgarian Folk Dances
  • Enjoy a local treat of sausage, sauerkraut & beer
  • Discover what makes French fromage so special at a French cheese tasting
  • Attend a tasting of authentic German beers
  • Attend a tasting of the region's famed Moselle wines
  • Visit the captivating Lepenski Vir Archaeological site
  • Attend an onboard performance on Slovakian & international music
  • Learn from a local expert about D-Day
  • Attend an informative tasting & presentation on Wachau Valley wines
  • Attend an onboard "Les Guitares de Camargue" musical presentation
  • Learn about Holland's typical flowers when you visit a tulip farm

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