Avalon Waterways Personalized Luxury River Cruise

Cruise Vacation Personalization

Leveraging Luxury with Avalon Choice®

Inspired PersonalizationOne of the many joys of travel is the feeling of freedom that comes with it. On an Avalon river cruise, we offer Avalon Choice, a unique concept that allows you to personalize every element of your cruise. Al fresco lunch or overflowing buffet? Ancient village by foot or bicycle? You decide what and where to eat on board, how you wish to explore your destination, and even the style and pace you wish to experience many of the included port excursions—at no extra cost. For further customization, you can pre-purchase additional activities, excursions, and even celebration packages to create your voyage, your way.

Sightseeing at Your Own Pace

On shore, Avalon makes sure you experience Europe's most famous attractions. And in many cities, we let you choose the pace that's most comfortable for you: "Traditional" to see all the major sights; "Leisurely" when you want to take it slower; or "Independent," allowing you to explore on your own.


Personalizing your Avalon cruise is a cinch...with MyAvalonSM. Here are some of the things you can choose online ahead of time...before you ever step foot on board!

  • Access Avalon's comprehensive online Service Centre to pre-register for your cruise
  • Select your choice of included sightseeing
  • Choose and pre-pay for optional excursions
  • Set your stateroom preferences for bed configuration
  • Select Celebration Packages to enhance your cruise

Cruise-Only Option

This great option lets you join just the cruise portion of the vacation, removing the overnight land stays at the beginning and/or end of the cruise itinerary. For details and pricing, refer to the cruise itineraries.

Special Occasions

Celebrating a birthday or anniversary while you’re cruising? Add an Avalon Celebration Package to your vacation. You can make your special day even more memorable with special touches ranging from flowers to a private cocktail reception. Ask your Avalon cruise specialist for additional details.


Enjoy the freedom of independent travel without the hassles that come from planning a vacation. Your comprehensive Monograms package takes care of the details-like hotels, flights, airport transfers, sightseeing, even onsite support and guidance from an expert Local Host-leaving you to just have fun! Visit our Monograms page to see the vacations that you can add after your Avalon cruise.


Once you've seen the best of Europe along its waterways, discover its inland treasures. Select Avalon cruises can be combined with an in-depth touring experience that only Globus can offer. Visit our Globus page to see the tours that you can add after your Avalon cruise.

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