Romantic Rhine with 2 Nights in Lucerne (Northbound)

10 Day River Cruise Lucerne to Amsterdam

Vacation Overview

Begin your European vacation with a visit to gorgeous Lucerne, Switzerland. With services provided by Monograms®, your expert Local Host® is on hand to arrange your sightseeing, free-time recommendations, and any other assistance you need during your 2-night stay in Lucerne. Enjoy a guided walking tour including the Lion Monument, Old Town, Chapel Bridge, the Water Tower, Jesuit Church, and a special highlight excursion to Mount Pilatus.

Your dramatic river cruise on the Rhine will commence in Basel, Switzerland, with stops in France, Germany, and Holland. Sail to Breisach, your starting point for an excursion to Black Forest. Then venture on to Strasbourg, France, to see its Gothic cathedral with stunning murals and stained glass.

Sail to Ludwigshafen for an excursion to Heidelberg Castle, or join your Avalon Adventure Host® for a hike up Philosophers’ Way. You can alternatively visit the Gutenberg Museum for amazing history of the early pioneers of printing. Sail to Rüdesheim and through the spectacular Rhine Gorge, visit Koblenz and Cologne, and arrive in Amsterdam for a guided canal cruise through the colorful city.

Your scenic river cruise on the Rhine River, with a Monograms vacation package in Switzerland are the perfect combination to unlock a guided European vacation of a lifetime.




Welcome to Switzerland! The remainder of the day is free to start exploring this delightful town on the Reuss River. Your Monograms Local Host will help you get the most out of your two nights in Lucerne.


Your guided walking tour includes the poignant Lion Monument, Old Town, Chapel Bridge, the Water Tower, and Jesuit Church.

Breakfast Breakfast


This morning enjoy a special highlight excursion to Mount Pilatus. Journey almost 7,000 ft. (2,132 m) up for spectacular views over central Switzerland (in case of bad weather, visit the Swiss Transport Museum instead).

Transfer to Basel to board your Suite Ship®.


Breakfast Breakfast


German Winemaking and the Beautiful Black Forest

Visit the Adventure Center for today’s activities with your Adventure host.

DISCOVERY Join a full-day Guided Tour to the magical Black Forest to experience the Vogtsbauernohf open-air-museum, visit an authentic water mill, and see a traditional butter-making demonstration, OR:

DISCOVERY Visit to Badischer Winzerkeller, the largest German wine producer in Europe. Learn about German winemaking in the vineyards of Baden, and enjoy a wine tasting.

You may choose to join a Guided Optional Excursion to visit the charming village of Colmar in the morning, with its half-timbered medieval and early renaissance buildings.


Breakfast Breakfast


A Grand Cathedral and La Petite France

CLASSIC Join a City Sightseeing Tour, including Strasbourg’s Gothic, stained-glass cathedral with its celebrated ancient murals and astronomical clock, as well as the magical La Petite France District.

You may also choose to join a Guided Optional Excursion to the historic Maginot Line—the pre-WWII fortifications designed to protect the eastern border of France, or visit Alsace’s wine country today.

Alternatively, take some free time in Strasbourg to visit a museum, or stroll across the city center.


Breakfast Breakfast


Castle Walls, and the World’s Biggest Wine Barrel

CLASSIC Enjoy a Guided Tour to Heidelberg Castle to see the ruins of the magnificent renaissance treasure towering above the city, and its famed Great Vat, the “World’s Largest Wine Barrel”, OR:

ACTIVE Join your Avalon Adventure Host for a Hike up Philosophers’ Way for an inspiring view of the city below, OR:

CLASSIC Enjoy a Guided City Walk in Mainz including a visit to the Gutenberg Museum to see the captivating history of printing.

Enjoy live entertainment on board your ship this evening.


Breakfast Breakfast


Eat, Drink, and Be Merry in Wine Country

DISCOVERY Take a Guided Tour of the incredible Mechanical Music Museum for a one-of-a-kind instrumental experience; based on your departure enjoy a local special treat, OR:

ACTIVE Enjoy a hike with your Avalon Adventure Host through the picturesque vineyards of Rüdesheim.

Relax on the Sky Deck for an afternoon cruise through the spectacular Rhine Gorge to Koblenz. Sail past the legendary rock of The Lorelei—where the siren of mythology sang songs to lure ill-fated sailors.


Travel Through 2000 Years Of Monumental History

Enjoy free time in Koblenz before a relaxing evening on board with dinner and live entertainment.


Breakfast Breakfast


Prost! Celebrate in the Rhineland

Join your Adventure Host for today’s special activities.

CLASSIC Take a Guided City Walk of Cologne—with its soaring twin-steepled gothic cathedral, OR:

DISCOVERY Choose a Guided Walking Tour of Cologne’s important Jewish heritage sites.

Spend free time over a glass of Kölsch pale lager—locally brewed for over 100 years!


Breakfast Breakfast


Canals of Colorful Amsterdam

CLASSIC Explore the iconic waterways of Amsterdam on a Guided Canal Cruise past stately homes of Amsterdam’s “Golden Age.”

During tulip season, you may take a Guided Optional Excursion to Keukenhof gardens—with more than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, as well as other bulbs, planted each year. Outside of tulip season, join a Guided Optional Excursion to Zaanse Schans to see historic windmills and charming Dutch houses. You may also choose an Optional Biking Tour to discover the countryside.

Take some free time to explore Amsterdam’s colorful streets and canal houses, galleries, and shops.


Breakfast Breakfast


Your vacation ends with breakfast this morning.

Breakfast Breakfast

Vacation Highlights

Day 1 Lucerne, Switzerland: Welcome to Switzerland

Day 2 Lucerne: Guided walking tour with the Lion Monument and Chapel Bridge

Day 3 Lucerne, Mount Pilatus-Basel (Embarkation): Excursion to Mount Pilatus (in case of bad weather, visit the Swiss Transport Museum instead); onboard welcome reception

Day 4 Breisach: Choice of excursion to Black Forest, or visit to Badischer Winzerkeller

Day 5 Strasbourg: Guided sightseeing, visit La Petite France district and the Gothic cathedral

Day 6 Mainz: Choice of guided tour of Heidelberg Castle, see the Great Vat, or hike up Philosophers' Way, or visit the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz

Day 7 Rüdesheim-Rhine Gorge-Koblenz: Visit Siegfried's Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum in Rüdesheim; scenic cruise through the Rhine Gorge; free time in Koblenz

Day 8 Cologne: Choice of 'Cologne Highlights' walking tour or Jewish Heritage walking tour

Day 9 Amsterdam: Canal cruise

Day 10 Amsterdam (Disembarkation): Your vacation ends this morning

  • In the event of technical or water level issues, it may be necessary to operate the itinerary by motorcoach or alter the program, including hotel overnight when necessary.
  • Guided Tours, Optional Excursions, activities, sailing and docking schedules may be contingent on weather conditions or other issues outside of our control and could therefore be subject to change at any time.
  • Please check visa requirements with your local consulate(s); responsibility for obtaining visas rests with the traveler.



Romantik Hotel Wilden Mann

Hotel as shown or similar

Comprised of 7 historic town houses, this delightful property is an oasis of charm and hospitality snuggled in the picturesque old town of Lucerne. Complimentary coffee/tea making facilities are available in the public area, the spacious lounge is an inviting place to relax and the hotel's two restaurants offer a choice of local specialties and international cuisine.


The Hotel Lucerne

Hotel as shown or similar

Designed by the celebrated Parisian architect Jean Nouvel, the hotel is tranquilly and centrally situated next to a pleasant park in the heart of Lucerne. The KKL Culture and Congress Center, the historic quarter with its lake promenade and the train station are all accessible with a 5 minute walk. Celebrating simplicity and spirituality as much as elegance and refinement, the hotel aims to create a unique environment. This idea has been embraced wholeheartedly in the artistic interior which boldly incorporates an imaginative decor, creative features, and inventive touches such as pictures on the ceiling.



Hotel as shown or similar
Superior First-Class

A contemporary 87-room hotel set in an elegant turn-of-the-century building located in the heart of Lucerne. Amenities include a lively South American-inspired restaurant, hip cocktail bar, small fitness center, and a contemporary lounge area where complimentary tea and coffee can be enjoyed during the day.



Hotel as shown or similar

Ideally located in the heart of Lucerne, surrounded by mountains, close to its lake boasting crystal clear waters, the historic old town, and famous Chapel Bridge. All 252 contemporary rooms have a minibar and Wi-Fi. There's a plush cocktail lounge, a stylish café, and a rooftop bar affording city views. Other facilities include a full equipped modern gym.


Westcord Jakarta

Hotel as shown or similar
Superior First-Class

A unique sustainable hotel in Amsterdam, where two worlds connect. At the former location where ships left for Jakarta, lies a green oasis in the centre of the city. Hotel offers 200 luxurious rooms with a Indonesian influenced style. Enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at Café Jakarta or get a drink at the Malabar. Be pampered in luxury and relax in our wellness and swimming pool with views towards the river IJ.

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07-15-2021 07-24-2021 10715 Vista $6,088 $7,487 $8,987 Special Interest
07-21-2021 07-30-2021 10721 Illumination Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
07-22-2021 07-31-2021 10722 Panorama $6,088 $7,487 $8,987 Reserve Now
07-25-2021 08-03-2021 10725 Expression $6,088 $7,487 $8,987 Reserve Now
07-29-2021 08-07-2021 10729 Vista Sold Out Sold Out Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
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08-19-2021 08-28-2021 10819 Panorama $6,088 $7,487 $8,987 Reserve Now
08-26-2021 09-04-2021 10826 Vista $6,088 $7,487 $8,987 Reserve Now
09-02-2021 09-11-2021 10902 Panorama $6,459 $7,858 Sold Out Reserve Now
09-05-2021 09-14-2021 10905 Expression $6,459 $7,858 $9,358 Reserve Now
09-09-2021 09-18-2021 10909 Vista $6,459 $7,858 Sold Out Reserve Now
09-16-2021 09-25-2021 10916 Panorama $6,459
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09-30-2021 10-09-2021 10930 Panorama $6,397 $7,796 Sold Out Reserve Now
10-07-2021 10-16-2021 11007 Vista $6,211 $7,610 Sold Out Reserve Now
10-14-2021 10-23-2021 11014 Panorama $5,964 $7,363 $8,863 Reserve Now
10-17-2021 10-26-2021 11017 Expression $5,964 $7,363 $8,863 Reserve Now
10-21-2021 10-30-2021 11021 Vista $5,964
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10-28-2021 11-06-2021 11028 Panorama $5,841 $7,041 Sold Out NOT AVAILABLE   
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10-31-2021 11-09-2021 11031 Expression $5,402
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11-25-2021 12-04-2021 11125 Vista $5,336 $6,735 $8,235 Special Interest
12-09-2021 12-18-2021 11209 Vista $5,585
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Special Interest Cruises Available

Romantic Rhine with 2 Nights in Lucerne with Jewish Heritage (Northbound)

Through the Stones & Storybook Settings with 2 Nights in Lucerne

Festive Season on Romantic Rhine with 2 Nights in Lucerne (Northbound)
11-25-2021, 12-09-2021

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