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Globus family of brands

Globus family of brands

At the Globus family of brands, we create vacations with just the right balance of included features and free time, and along the way, tell the stories within every journey that bring your destination to life. It all comes together to give you the feeling of being a true local—not just a visitor. And we do it all in four distinct ways.
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In addition to Avalon Waterways, the family of brands includes:

Globus Think about your dream vacation. Now picture it all going perfectly. Without all the headaches and legwork that typically come with planning a vacation. That’s what it feels like on a Globus tour, where just the right hotels are combined with top-rate sightseeing and VIP access to major attractions, plus our own Local FavoritesSM, designed to give you the true flavour of your destination. And of course, transportation around your destination is always included.
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Cosmos Cosmos combines the freedom of independent travel with the benefits of group travel, all at an unbelievable value. Cosmos puts your European and North American travel dreams within reach.
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Monograms Monograms is ideal for independent travellers who prefer just the right amount of support. It offers 143 all-in-one independent packages that cover all the details, including hotels, transportation, sightseeing, and services of a professional Local Host.
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So find your dream vacation and come along with us...your story awaits.